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San Juan Islands Tour

  • 11 May 2023
  • 14 May 2023
  • San Juan Islands, WA


  • Non COGS members are allowed to participate in one COGS club ride according to the club insurance policy.


 Ride Leader  Anita Elder
 Contact Info  206-330-8124
 Distance/Elevation  Varies
 Pace  Varies
 Terrain  mixed
 Route link
 Start Location  parking lot of R Ave and Seafarers Wy in Anacortes
 Check in Time  10:00 AM
 Departure Time  10:15 AM

This four-day tour of the San Juan Islands is an opportunity to explore the islands by bike that include overnight stays. All accommodations, meals, snacks and ferry fees are your responsibility (reservations and payment).

I recommend that you park in the Anacortes Ferry Terminal long-term parking and ride onto the ferry with your bike. This will save you money. If you do take your car, be sure to make ferry reservations well in advance! Ferry times listed below may change when the spring/summer schedule comes out.

After we meet up, I will start off leading the ride, but if you want to go faster or slower it’s ok to break away from the group. Just be sure you have downloaded the RWGPS routes to your device the night before leaving for Anacortes (so you won’t have to worry about spotty reception.

On both San Juan and Orcas Islands, there are two route options. You can start the long route and bail to the short route if you find you can't do the elevation gains.

Info: I have ridden on Lopez Island and driven by car around Anacortes and Orcas Island but have not been in those areas by bike. This means I’ll be exploring the routes as much as you are! Since I’m on a ebike without gears, I may find that there are some hills I just can’t ride up the whole way. This is also the first time leading a tour, so please be kind with your feedback.

I've done some 3-day tour lites with Cascade. Each day started at the same location, so I didn't need to carry extra gear. For this one, you'll need to pack clothes, etc. into panniers to take to each night's accommodations (more packs needed if you plan to camp). I, personally, will be staying at a hotel or AirBnB since I will need to recharge my ebike batteries.

Day 1 – Thursday, May 11, 2023 | Anacortes

  • Meet up at 10am at the parking lot of R Ave and Seafarers Wy in Anacortes
  • Route (27 miles; 1,765’ elevation gain) -
  • Ride as a group after safety briefing; steady pace (12-14 mph)
  • Accommodations needed for one night in Anacortes if you're not local.
  • Optional: Meet up at 6pm at Brown Lantern Pub for dinner and/or drink; 412 Commercial Ave, Anacortes

Day 2 – Friday, May 12, 2023 | San Juan Island

  • Meet at Ferry dock in Anacortes and catch the 6:20am ferry to San Juan Island (time may change when summer schedule comes out)
  • Meet up at Memorial Park in Friday Harbor at 8am for safety briefing
  • Long route (56 mile; 4,626’ elevation gain) -
  • Short route (22 miles; 1,457’ elevation gain) -
  • Lunch: If you didn't pack something, you might stop at Duck Soup about 16 miles into both routes.
  • Option 1 Accommodations: Spend the night on San Juan Island and catch the 6:20am ferry to Orcas Island the next morning.
  • If you plan to head to Orcas Island, I recommend you get dinner in Friday Harbor before catching the ferry. There aren't as many food options on Orcas.
  • Option 2 Accommodations:  Catch 5:25pm ferry to Orcas Island and spend the night. Spotty ferry service and next won’t be until after 11pm

Day 3 – Saturday, May 13, 2023 | Orcas Island

  • Meet by the ferry dock at 8am for safety briefing
  • Long route (56 miles; 6,056’ elevation gain) -
  • Short route (32 miles; 2,747’ elevation gain) -
  • Accommodations: Catch 6:20pm ferry to Lopez Island (next isn’t until around 8:30pm) and spend the night. Better yet, if you get done with your ride early, I highly recommend you try and catch the 2:10 or 3:35pm ferry! 
  • I don't recommend staying on Orcas and catching the ferry to Lopez the next day because you will most likely miss the start time!

Day 4 – Sunday, May 14, 2023 | Lopez Island



  • Numerous hotels/inn; check multiple websites since they parse them out – Book early!!
  • Deception State Park (camping) – Book now!!


  • Some hotels; check multiple websites since they parse them out – Book early!!
  • Some rooms available on AirBnBBook early!!
  • San Juan County Park (camping) – book 90 days in advance


  • Few hotels with availability; check multiple websites since they parse them out – Book now!
  • Moran State Park (camping) Book now!
  • Obstruction Pass State Park (camping) – First come, first serve

COGS rides are now open to both members and non-members. Non-members are limited to one “free” ride with the club, after which COGS’ insurance requires they become a member. All persons must register. The number of persons allowed on a ride is left to the discretion of the ride leader.

COVID still remains a dominant health issue for our society. COGS riders are required to follow all state and county health guidelines to protect themselves and others. Regardless of vaccine status, all participants should be healthy and symptom free of COVID or any flu like symptoms. For more information, please see: Riding with COGS Protocols.

NOTE: COGS Rides are limited to members and one time guest non-members. You must register to be permitted to ride. According to the club insurance policy, If you are not a COGS member then you can register and participate in one ride.

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