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To E-mail all of the COGS Google Group subscribers about a COGS ride related topic or an ad-hoc ride announcement using your COGS registered E-mail address,  just copy the E-mail address below removing the spaces around "@"  and place it in the To: ___ field when using that specific webmail application that services that E-mail address.

cogs-cyclists-of-greater-seattle @

NOTE: You must use that registered COGS user E-mail address to send to the COGS google group or nobody will see it. i.e. What do you login to the COGS Website with, Gmail or Yahoo or Comcast or Hotmail or another E-mail address, send it out using that E-mail service.

E-mail one of the following club representatives:
To use email addresses, remove spaces around "@".

Michael D Francisco, President
president @

Richard Petters, Past President
pastpresident @

Don Smyth, Vice-President
vicepresident @

Michael Hooning, Treasurer
treasurer @

Liam Parnell, Secretary
secretary @

Adelia Yee, Membership
membership @

Liam Parnell, Rides Coordinator
rides @

Tom Tanner, Club Advisor
advisor @

Gustav Jansson, Webmaster
webmaster @

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