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Kingston & Pt Gamble Overnight

15 Oct 2023 4:01 PM | Louise Kornreich (Administrator)

Richard Petters and I met at the Seattle fast ferry dock where we boarded for Kingston - bikes go inside on this run. We saw Orcas! 

When we arrived at Kingston, there were no cars on the road so we set off for our ride to our camp for the night, Night Owl Landing. I had a feeling when we turned left onto Epic Dr that this was going to be good, but I had no idea what exactly we were going to find... were the photos of Silver Creek Lounge, complete with flush toilets and kitchen for real? Was there really a bike shop? When we rolled up, Kelly and Heidi met us and took us on a tour. They built their home and the Silver Creek Lounge, with full-service bike shop, a kitchen and space for parties, etc with hopes to create a community. This was one of those times when you realize you have stumbled onto something really good. 

We set up our tents in a field of dense clover, cooked dinner and hung out indoors in the cozy warmth until bedtime... at 9pm. After we packed up in the morning, the adventure began. Although this was my 4th time riding in the Pt Gamble Forest, I had never entered on the Dirt Devil trail before. And probably never will again! There was a mixture of riding, hike-a-bike, resting, whooping and, of course, navigating as we made our way north toward Pt Gamble for lunch at Butcher & Baker. 

After lunch, we decided the forest was fun, but we couldn't gamble on missing the ferry so we hit the road to head south on 104. Drivers were pretty good and gave us space (it was my lucky day, Friday the 13th and I was in my "lucky" colors of pink and purple) and we made it to the ferry in plenty of time.  Here's our route, more or less: 

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