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Tahuya Hills Loop - Possible Route Change Below

  • 25 Aug 2018
  • 7:20 AM
  • Bremerton Ferry - Downtown Seattle


Registration is closed

RIDE NAME: Bremerton -Tahuya Hills - Bremerton - See Air Quality Comments under Rain Policy below.

RSVP: If you plan to participate on this ride please register no later than Thursday, August 23rd.  I plan to do the ride only if there is sufficient interest. If there is sufficient interest expressed by 8/23/18, I will advise the ride is a go. If there is insufficient interest expressed I will cancel the ride.

RIDE DESCRIPTION: The ride length is ~75 miles with roughly 4300 feet of climbing. The ride starts at the Seattle Ferry dock as we will be taking the 7:35 ferry to Bremerton.  If you are driving to the ferry terminal one of the best places to leave your car is at the north end of Myrtle Edwards Park.  The parking lot is on 16th Ave W just south of W. Galer.  It’s just over 3 miles along the trail to the ferry terminal.  Get there ready to ride no later than 7:15 and you should be fine.

This is a challenging but stunningly beautiful ride designed for those seeking to have fun, stay more or less together and provide mutual support. Cheers and good smiles always welcomed.  Check it out at:

START TIME/LOCATION: 7:20 AM on Saturday, August 25, 2018 – from Coleman Dock in Seattle

PACE: Moderate to brisk – let’s have a fun pace set by the riding skills of the participants. The regrouping strategy and cue sheets for this ride facilitate riding skills from moderate to brisk. Just remember there’s over 4,000 vertical feet of climbing.

REGROUPING: We will regroup regularly on a as needs basis.  No one gets left behind!   

CUE SHEETS: Yes, download the attached cue sheet if you would like one: Tahuya Hills - Bremerton.pdf 

EQUIPMENT: Bring two water bottles. You will need both! Bring energy food to fuel yourself during the ride.  Some of the area is very remote with few opportunities to get either water or food.  Also bring the typical pump, spare tubes and other biking gear to make yourself self-sufficient. Money will be needed to pay for your lunch. This is an unsupported ride.

RAIN POLICY: Air Quality is still poor.  Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly better. I have created an alternative 33 mile ride that takes us from Bremerton to Kingston.  You can find it here:  If you plan to use a GPS device please download it as well.  We will make a decision on the ferry as to which route we will follow.  A basic cue sheet can also be found here: Bremerton-Kingston_-_33.pdf

RIDE LEADER: Ride leader is Ralph Nussbaum. I can be reached at 206-713-9417 or  Please feel free to contact me about the ride if you have any questions.

PS: Feel free to invite a non-COGS friend(s) to join in on the fun and introduce them to COGS.


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