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Colville Hub & Spoke Tour 2022

  • 23 Sep 2022


  • Non COGS members are allowed to participate in one COGS club ride according to the club insurance policy.

Registration is closed

 COGS Ride Leader  Liam Parnell
 Contact Info | 803.397.8944(m)
 Terrain  Paved
 Distance/Elevation  TBD
 Pace  TBD
 Check in Time  See SBC website
 Departure Time  See SBC website

Update (28Aug): SBC now has 14 riders registered.  That's good.  The bad news is due to a minor injury Liam and Pam will NOT attend this year.  The injury is not as severe as previously thought but it does need to heal and it would not be smart to ride on it for 2-3 days nor for 50 miles or more.  One day we hope to make the Colville ride.  Stay tuned for next year, I will post the 2023 ride.

Update (18Aug): The good news is that SBC has 12 riders registered.  I think that means the event is going to happen.  The bad news is due to a minor injury Liam and Pam may not attend.  We are keeping an eye on the injury and will make the final decision by 29Aug. 

Friday, 23SEP2022 thru Sunday, 25SEP2022 - Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) to sponsor/lead a 3 day “Hub & Spoke” tour.

Start location - NE Washington Fair Grounds at 317 W Astor Ave, Colville, WA.  

Click on the following link for more info and/or to sign up - Spokane Bicycle Club - Colville Spoke and Hub Tour - 2022

Notes from Liam - 

  • Sharing this road ride event info with you now to get it on your radar.  Reminders will be sent in August and again in September.  I plan to sign up early August or before.
  • The SBC event fee is $25.00 for early registration (prior to September 1st) and $35.00 for late registration.  You must be a member of their club ($20 individual and $25 family).  For me this is a low budget getaway that looks promising.  I plan to camp at the fair grounds (complete with secure showers and bathrooms).  Hotels are also available (3 of them).
  • The routes are not yet decided but you can get an idea of what they have to choose from at this link - Click to search ridewithgps for Colvelo rides 
  • The Colville area is a great place for road riding.  At least, that is what they say.

  • I have asked SBC a number of questions (see below with responses).  If you have a question that is not addressed , I am happy to collect, forward, and document their response below for all to see.  Or, you can ask them directly.

  • Since this is really an SBC event there is no real reason to sign up on the COGS site.  But, there is no harm either.  Also, it might be nice to know who is attending or maybe just interested in attending.  Like me, I am interested, so I will be the first to sign up on the COGS site.  Notice: You are only registered for the ride when you sign up on the SBC site.

More Info -

  • Looped day rides will begin at the fairgrounds near the center of town.  Daily rides offered will include shorter distances at a leisurely pace and longer, more challenging rides at a faster pace. Ride details, including route and elevation gains, to follow.
  • An on-site potluck will be organized for riders and guests for one evening.  Other gatherings will be on an ad-hock basis.
  • Meals, transportation and lodging are up to the individual. Coleville has three motels. Accommodations for camping (tents, trailers, and RV’s) are provided free at the fairground and includes clean restrooms and hot showers - The fairground is conveniently located near the center of town and is where rides will start and end.

Questions Liam asked SBC  (in black) and their response (in red):

  1. Will there be planned rides for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?  All rides are road rides. We will have rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We may have two rides on Saturday; one 20-25 miles and one 45+ (depending on attendees). I will do a survey well in advance to determine what the attendees desire. Shorter rides will have sag support with the ability to assist on the longer ride if needed. 
  2. Approximately, what time do the rides start each day?  Saturday and Sunday are morning ride but not too early.
  3. Which nights are the fair grounds available for camping?  We have reserved space on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (day) at the campground. I’m confident that we can get permission if some members want space on Thursday and Sunday night.

Questions Liam asked SBC from last year (in black) and their response (in red):

  1. How many riders do you expect for the event?  Usual is between 15 and 20, but COVID restrictions may generate more than average interest – too early to tell but some people (like you) jumped on it right away. Best guess – 20 to 25. But there is plenty of room for campers and motel/hotel room space should also be adequate that time of year.
  2. How many campers do you expect at the fairgrounds?  If that is ride-central then that seems like the place to be. Campers seem to comprise about 50% - there’s plenty of room (it’s the Coleville fairgrounds). We have access to a locked toilet/hot shower facility that’s very close to camping. All rides start and end there also.
  3. I am looking forward to seeing the routes. Routes are selected by the Tour Leader from pre-planned routes published by the local Rotary Club.  Past tours have included two routes depending on rider wishes. A 30 mile (approx) route and a more vigorous 50 mile (approx) route. Final routing will depend on how many of each group care to ride the routes.

the small print

COGS rides are now open to both members and non-members. Non-members are limited to one “free” ride with the club, after which COGS’ insurance requires they become a member. All persons must register. The number of persons allowed on a ride is left to the discretion of the ride leader.

COVID still remains a dominant health issue for our society. COGS riders are required to follow all state and county health guidelines to protect themselves and others. Regardless of vaccine status, all participants should be healthy and symptom free of COVID or any flu like symptoms. For more information, please see: Riding with COGS Protocols.

NOTE: COGS Rides are limited to members and one time guest non-members. You must register to be permitted to ride. According to the club insurance policy, If you are not a COGS member then you can register and participate in one ride.

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