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Paradise Ride

08 Jun 2023 9:11 AM | Tom Tanner (Administrator)

June 8, 2023, eight adventurous COGS riders undertook the ride from Ashford, WA up to the Paradise Visitor Center on Mt Rainier. It is a 50-mile round trip ride with 3600 feet of climbing. The weather was near perfect for riding, permitting mostly shirt sleeve and/or light jacket attire. The sky was a bit cloudy, but the emerging sun warmed the riders both going up and coming.

Mt. Rainier was “out” in all its majestic glory. The glaciers and the snow-covered summit beckoned the riders all the way to Paradise at an elevation of 5420 feet. The road was dry, and traffic was mercifully light on the weekday journey.

Spring/summer had definitely “sprung” on Mt Rainier. The creeks all along the route were running full of fresh snow melt. The trees and leafy ground cover in the forest were a vibrant green, sparkling a warm, magical reflection of light throughout the forest. As the riders approached Paradise Visitor Center snow covered the forest floor. The snow was lovely to see interspersed with the ever-green trees/bushes and ground cover and bubbling brooks and streams. Absolutely beautiful!

The riders climbed the mountain at their own pace and comfort level and met at the Paradise Visitors Center for lunch/snacks before heading back down the mountain. The downhill descent was amazingly fun with so little traffic and great road conditions. We reassembled at Copper Creek Restaurant for the “world famous” black berry pie before finishing the last couple miles to Ashford and our return back to Seattle.

The Riders consisted of Tom T (ride leader), Noriko (first time riding up to Paradise), Mike F, Brant R (relatively new COGS member. WELCOME!), Richard P, Teri B (former COGS member relocated to Arizona), Becky C, Gus J, and Jeff G.

The ride definitely lived up to our Club motto of we “Ride for Fun, Friends, and Adventure.”

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