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Bainbridge (Pre-Chilly) Ride Report

25 Feb 2024 4:05 PM | Richard Petters (Administrator)

Saturday’s Bainbridge (Pre-Chilly) ride generated one of the largest turnouts we have had in a long time, nineteen in total.  Although the ride was posted as moderate, capabilities of the signups ranged from steady to brisk.  That, combined with the hills of Bainbridge, had the potential for any efforts on my part as ride leader for keeping the group together to become a fool’s errand.  Fortunately, Mark Davidson, leader of COGS social and steady rides, accepted an impromptu invitation to be the focal point for the steadies.  However, before Mark could get the route called up on his Garmin, Louise Kornreich, put her cape on, jumped into action and proclaimed, “We don’t need no stinking Garmin”.  Using local knowledge Louise guided Mark and the steady group to the lunch spot ahead of the moderates.  Then later guided the steadies back to the ferry, waving from its stern to the oh-so-pleased-with-themselves-for-having-done-Toe-Jam-Hill moderates left standing on the pier in the rain. But the left-behind moderates were treated to something special on their return, a pod of orcas passing through Elliot Bay. Yes, the ferries, as big as they are, do list when everyone runs to one side.   As for the brisk riders, within the first few miles they had blown off the front, never to be seen again.  Perhaps they will send us a post card.

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